You should work with a surety agent who understands solar industry operations. We write bonds for some of the largest solar developers and contractors, and will be delighted to consult with you on your surety needs. These are some of the most common solar bonds we provide:

  • Decommissioning Bonds
  • Community Solar Subscription Manager Bonds
  • Utility-scale Interconnection Agreement Bond
  • Bonds Guaranteeing EPC Contracts
  • Procurement Bonds
  • PPA Financial & Performance Guarantee Bonds
  • Bonds Guaranteeing Installation Contracts
  • O&M Services Agreement Bonds
  • Procurement & Construction Services Agreement Bonds
  • P&P Bonds for Lease Agreements

Have a need for a solar bond? Email with a brief description and one of our professional staffers with get right back with you, or call (843) 212-5254 to speak with a surety professional.